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About Two73
Two73 LLC is a joint venture formed in June 2017 between Nooter/Eriksen Corporation, the world's largest provider of heat recovery steam generators (HRSGs) and Autry Industrial LLC, a privately-owned Texas-based LLC. N/E, with over thirty years in the power industry, is an industry leader with a worldwide supply chain, sales and engineering base. Autry Industrial was founded in 2014 for the development of Cycle Two73. Together with their combined thermodynamic and engineering expertise as Two73, the JV has successfully built a demonstration unit of the patent-pending cycle. The system demonstrates cooling with significantly reduced operating costs, improved efficiency, reduced environmental impacts and improved safety by eliminating water for cooling and utilizing waste heat for power.

Two73 Management Team

Dr. Dorriah Rogers
Dr. Dorriah Rogers, President of Two73 and CEO of Autry Industrial LLC, obtained her Ph.D. from the Graduate Group in Ecology, University of California, Davis. She was previously the Chief Executive Officer of Paradyne Consulting Works LLC for the last twelve years. Dr. Rogers brings experience in start-ups, investment, intellectual property, and technology commercialization.

Garret Autry
Vice President of Technology
Mr. Garret Autry, Founder and Chief Technology Officer of Autry Industrial LLC and VP of Technology at Two73, focuses on product development, industry application, and project engineering. He is a graduate of Texas Tech University where he obtained a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering. Mr. Autry has extensive experience in thermoelectric plant operations, mechanical design, and industrial construction.

David Lehmann
Director of Construction
Mr. David Lehmann, Director of Construction at Two73, is tasked with the management of projects including estimates, scheduling, and project management. Mr. Lehmann works closely with the engineering teams to ensure each client installation meets both budget and schedule. He obtained his Bachelor of Science in Construction Management from Purdue University. Mr. Lehmann brings experience from multibillion-dollar construction projects including contract management, field supervision, estimating, budgeting, scheduling, mechanical completion, and commissioning.

Glen Bostick
Vice President of Engineering
Mr. Glen Bostick, VP of Engineering at Two73, obtained his M.S. in Fluids and Thermal Sciences from Washington University and has a B.S. in Aerospace Engineering. Glen also serves as the Director of New Product Development for Nooter/Eriksen where he helps oversee new technical development, R&D/Innovation and Patent efforts. He has more than 20 years of experience performing / overseeing commissioning, startup, operations, controls, process design and performance testing activities.

Michael Neil
Interface and Controls Manager
Mr. Michael Neil, Interface and Controls Manager at Two73, oversees the design of project instrumentation and controls including electronics, software, and user interface. Mr. Neil studied computer science and electrical engineering at Texas Tech University and studied at American Military University, majoring in Space Studies and Physics. He has extensive experience in project management including projects such as Marine Well Containment Company, Peregrino WHP-C, and many others.

Travis Mansbridge
Software Engineer
Mr. Travis Mansbridge, Software Engineer at Two73, develops controls programming and interface software for Cycle Two73. After working for the world-class game developer Blizzard Entertainment for 5 years, Travis went on to oversee a number of independent online services and developed a wide variety of software solutions for small companies as an independent contractor. Travis has an Associates degree in Computer Science from Austin Community College.
Additional Personnel

Derek Falb
Chairman of the Board
Mr. Derek Falb, Chairman of the Board, currently serves as the CFO of the CIC Group. CIC Group, Inc. and its family of wholly owned subsidiaries operate in the heavy industrial manufacturing and construction sector. CIC's commercial and industrial subsidiaries specialize in the manufacture, maintenance, and repair of equipment primarily for the crude oil, natural gas, coal, and other energy industries. Its largest subsidiary is Nooter/Eriksen, which manufactures and supplies heat recovery steam generators for combustion gas turbines worldwide.

Mike Filla
Board Member
Mr. Mike Filla, Board Member for Two73 LLC, is also currently the Executive Vice President at Nooter/Eriksen, Inc., the world's leading supplier of Heat Recovery Steam Generators. He joined N/E in 1991 as a project engineer and has spent the majority of the past 26 years in sales including executive leadership positions of Sr. VP of Sales and Marketing and Sr. VP of Business Development. Mr. Filla graduated with honors from Missouri University of Science and Technology with a BS and MS degrees in Civil Engineering and holds a MBA from Washington University St. Louis.

Ray Kelly
Board Member
Mr. Ray Kelly, Two73 Board member, jump-started his professional career by starting his own company in the electrical contracting sector. Since then, Ray has moved up through the executive levels of many of the West Coast's best contracting companies and currently serves as the Vice President at MDU Construction Services Group, Inc.