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$1M / MW

in total cost of ownership

Convert Waste Heat to Electricity
We utilize the favorable properties of supercritical CO2 to recycle waste heat at extremely low temperatures. Power is generated from server waste heat, requiring little to no external power. Cooling is provided at no electrical cost. Under most ambient conditions, we can generate excess power over cooling requirements to further improve efficiencies and output. We can fully support increased power densities and higher operating temperatures – increased server heat generates even more power.
Cycle Two73 is a closed-loop supercritical CO2 system designed to pick up heat directly from the server. The system is waterless, treatment chemical free, environmentally sustainable, safe and reliable.
These graphics illustrate power utilization differences between a conventional data center cooling system and a data center using Cycle Two73. For the baseline data center, less than 74% of the power goes to the IT load and 14% of the energy load is used for cooling. Utilizing Cycle Two73, more than 88% of total facility power is used for the IT load and the cooling energy load is reduced to 2% - a significant difference.

Fully Scalable
Our modular design allows for unlimited upward scalability. Data centers can grow at their own pace, place equipment on rooftops for a smaller footprint or design according to their preferred specifications. This modular approach allows data centers to decrease capital costs based on facility requirements.

Safe & Reliable
Cycle Two73 offers an opportunity for safe and reliable cooling without the inherent risks associated with water-cooled systems. With the elimination of water, the associated cost of maintenance is drastically reduced. Gone are the possibilities of fouling and scaling, the costs of treatment and the risks inherent in moving equipment. Facility maintenance costs are now a fraction of competing technologies.

Environmentally Friendly
Data centers must be diligent stewards of our planet’s scarce resources. Cycle Two73 significantly reduces energy consumption, eliminates water usage and reduces the facility footprint. Our system provides an environmentally sound and sustainable solution.