Increase Efficiency

Lower Costs

Convert Waste Heat to Electricity
By converting waste heat to power, Cycle Two73 mitigates the multi-megawatt auxiliary load required for today's outdated cooling technologies. We take advantage of the favorable properties of supercritical CO2 to recycle waste heat at very low temperatures. This allows us to power our system off of the wasted heat, requiring little to no external power. Under most ambient conditions, we can even generate excess power that further improves output and plant efficiency.
Cycle Two73 is a closed-loop system that runs on supercritical CO2 and eliminates the use of water entirely. Plants will no longer require chemical treatments and dangerous and dirty cooling tower inspections/repairs. We have eliminated the the risk of drought or restrictions, fouling, scaling or environmental issues caused by outdated cooling technology.
500 MWe Power Plant example:
Cooling Method Ambient Parasitic Load Make-up Water
Wet Cooling Tower1 High 1.4 MW 2000 GPM
Average 1.4 MW 2000 GPM
Low 1.4 MW 2000 GPM
Dry ACC1 High 10 MW 0 GPM
Average 6 MW 0 GPM
Low 3 MW 0 GPM
Cycle Two732 High 4.9 MW 0 GPM
Average -5.2 MW3 0 GPM
Low -16.7 MW3 0 GPM
Comparison of parasitic loads and makeup water for dry steam cooling, wet steam cooling and Cycle Two73 steam cooling across a range of ambient conditions.

1 Source: Comparison of Alternate Cooling Technologies for California Power Plants, by EPRI for California Energy Commission, Feb 2002
2 Loads assume high-efficiency system. Results in some applications may vary.
3 Negative parasitic load means that the power generated by the expander exceeds the parasitic load of the ACC1, ACC2 and compressor by the amount indicated.

Fully Scalable
Our modular design approach allows for a system that is infinitely upgradable lending to flexibility in capital expenditure and plant capacity. Our system takes water out of cooling, lending to flexibility in plant location.

Safe & Reliable
CO2 is environmentally benign and non-toxic. Elimination of water means no more risky cooling tower inspections or harsh chemical treatments. Fewer moving parts means more reliability and lower maintenance costs.

Environmentally Friendly
Energy providers must be diligent stewards of our planet's scarce resources. Cycle Two73 significantly reduces energy consumption, eliminates water usage and reduces the facility footprint. Our system provides an environmentally sound and sustainable solution.